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How to deal with the post holiday blues, the first 10 days back

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I've just come back from a long holiday in the Caribbean, it gave me some real perspective: I got my head out of that laptop and gained perspective and distance to the nonsense that I am all consumed by during the working year. The truth is most of the stress, or so called, is just common b.s. and taking a few weeks off helps to reset. So let me list the conclusions I've come to:

Most of daily work stress is B*S*

An email with too many capitals? The boss who looked at me in a weird way, the project that is stuck and nobody seems to care, that colleague who just seems to be incapable of shutting up...oh yes. Add this stuff one on top of the other for 4-5-6 months non-stop and you get to chronic stress. Though the daily stuff isn't real stress, it's just stuff that irritates and if you can't let go of it at the end of the day, the eventually it will turn into stress. So now that I've gained some perspective ( let's see how long it will last ) I will try to hold onto it. Daily.

Daily perspective

So basically at the end of each working day I've decided to switch off ( or literally pause/uninstall ) the google work email and google hangouts. People actually think that it's OK to ping at 9pm ... really? You know what it's not OK and I've stopped caring. So yes if you need to talk to me do it during working hours, if you can't stick to that it's probably your fault, get your s&*! together mate. I've got other things to do after 6pm ( and before 8am ) like sleep?

Keep your distance

Thing is I would normally be the first one into the office and the last one out...but I don't really think it's worth it. I mean it really depends on where you're at in your career, but for me, running a team and so on, I think it's better to be a bit more mysterious...mind my own business a bit more, and generally just be a little less available. This makes hard conversations ( which are inevitable at any point in time ) much easier because that personal day to day thing is a bit looser... I know it sounds a bit w@$% but it works for me. I'll stick to it.

Stay essential, conserve your energy

Essentially instead of writing really long emails or making sure to respond to everyone's requests straight away, or bending over backwards to solve problems that others should actually solve, just stay put. Give your input, respond in a kind and poised way, but preserve the energy sometimes and "it's OK" or "all approved" email is sufficient, no need for the smiley. And by doing that you've saved a bit of typing ( and emotional ) energy, ready to use it with your family when you get home. The really important stuff, you know?

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