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Learning in times of Covid-19.

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Whilst juggling credit collection and deferring payments, such fun times, I decided to learn something new.

I told myself that now is the time to take action and react to everything that’s going on ( and that regrettably nobody can do much about unless you are a scientist or a doctor - obvious yes but good daily reminder ) by channelling my energy and over-active mind, into something I can control and that will give me a sense of achievement: studying and learning something new!

Added bonus: when I’m learning something new, I’m not obsessing about the pandemic, the economy, my career and all the rest.

I signed up to a few on-line courses which I am now halfway through, I’ll keep you posted throughout.

This is my favourite one, highly recommended!

the Science of Wellbeing

Free on-line course offered by Yale ( you only pay something like $50 if you want the completion certificate ). Apparently happiness can be measured and learned. WOW, that’s interesting and the idea is strangely calming. Through daily practice such and mindfulness, gratitude, sports and other known factors such as a correct diet, this course explores with hands on exercises how to work towards your personal happiness. I’m half way through it and have started journaling every night. I do it using their complementary app because I have run out of paper at home and the local shop doesn’t stock any - fun times of quarantine. I’m enjoying the moment of evening gratitude, it takes 5 minutes but helps clear the mind before calling it a day. Keeping a journal also helps track progress and the goal of the course is to measure improvements in the Happiness score before and after the course.

The VIA Character Survey

Great resource: the VIA Character Survey (there’s a high level free version and a paid $20 full report). There are so many of these around but this one I found really great and comes with a very reputable endorsement. I took this test last week and read my personal results with much interest. An accurate identikit of my personality.

As with everything, knowledge is key and unravelling my mix of character traits, strengths and personal weaknesses has been very enlightening and somewhat relaxing.

I’ve taken to reflect on one of the listed traits per day, particularly my weak points. The idea is that we have some natural areas of strengths that we express intuitively and that should form the backbone of our daily life at home and work. Things that come less natural to you, in my case I score low on methodical work ( no news there! ), can still be worked on and manifested. 

Now that I have things in focus, listed and organised, I can start work to improve and better myself. Great to form clarity. I’m starting to build a mental map of my own personality. How empowering!

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